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Our Mission


The R.A.C.E. Foundation is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that cultivates a caring community, demands dignity for all, and actively works to create a lasting, positive impact for disadvantaged children, youth, and their families within the City of Birmingham Alabama, and its surrounding areas.  


Our mission is to enhance the quality of life for disadvantaged children, youth, and their families through food security, leadership, character development, life skills, reading, coding, and after-school tutoring guided by three (3) core values: 

  • Respect (yourself and others) 

  • Community Service (stand up for others) 

  • Self-Love, Action, Accountability, and Responsibility (Being true to yourself) 

Kids in Vegetable Farm


Our vision is to create a world where all children, youth, and their families, no matter race, social, or economic status have the same opportunities of adequate nutrition, knowledge, and exposure needed to maximize their unique abilities, achieving a purposeful, and productive future. 



We focus on the family’s well-being

We gauge our success by community impact

We work with integrity

We are driven by results

We work as a team to tackle all challenges


Our overarching goal is to provide holistic support, empowerment, and programming that develops disadvantaged children and youth into productive, self-reliant, responsible, productive citizens and community leaders.



Michael Jackson Sr. is a Birmingham native and University of Miami Alumnus. Michael was born is Frankfurt, Germany and lived abroad and in Seattle, Washington until the age 5. Michael relocated to the Birmingham area where he has amazing family ties.


He attended and played basketball for Glenn Iris Elementary School and was a part of the Police Athletic Team. Michael was a member of the A.G. Gaston Boys and Girls Club where he participated in soccer and football. He began to grow academically and professional while attending Berry Middle School and Spain Park High School.

Michael is a graduated of A.H. Parker High School. Michael has a Bachelor of Science in Sports Administration in School of Kinesiology from the University of Miami. Michael continues to give back with his time and resources to those who poured into him. He possesses creativity and a zeal for the youth and their families.

Michael’s primary focus is helping underprivileged and underserved communities and families experiencing food insecurity. He easily connects with the children that he meets instantly putting them and everyone else around him at ease while making a positive impact on youth in the Birmingham community. Michael’s message centers around hope, health, wellness and the importance of education.

“With God All things are possible” Matthew 19:26


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